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"My home was transformed the day Don walked into it. His artistry, talent, and sheer love for his work shine through instantly as he picks up the brush to paint. It is a completely insufficient choice of words to say that Don is a great talent. He is truly a spectacular artist. There is just one Don in this world, and my family admires and appreciates him and his work daily.

All so true Don, you are the best."

- Stacy

"Don is the finest faux painter I have ever worked with. He has done multiple projects for me and my family all with perfect results. Don has a talent for turning the ideas I have into the most fantastic art work. I really love the custom wall art he has created for my home and office. It is so wonderful to have a rough idea and see Don turn that idea into a fantastic piece of wall art with the perfect color and size for the space. As you have guessed by now I just love working with Don, he is one of the most talented, wonderful and fun people I have ever had the honor to know. You will not be sorry if you choose Don to create the perfect custom art work just for you."

- Cheryl

"Don is a true artist; he can transform any room into a masterpiece. His attention to detail and meticulous art form will leave you breathless. He can paint anything, anywhere just make sure you book him three months in advance!"

- Nicki

"Ecstatic! Excited! Awe struck! Anxious! Those are some of the feelings I have after looking at the beautiful Tuscan Mural you painted on the wall in our kitchen. The scene is exactly what I envisioned. I was amazed that all I gave you was a photograph of our vacation to Italy and said, "I kinda want it to look like this picture but would like it to go with the style of my home!" You have far exceeded my expectations. I am absolutely in love with this mural. It is exactly what I envisioned.

We now have a 'favorite' bathroom in the house! The faux finish on the wall gives the room such warmth but the main attraction is the amazing flowers you painted over the faux. The realism, attention to detail, creativity & skill are just amazing. Its hard to believe that a bathroom can be a favorite room in a house...but it has turned out to be in our home...thanks to Don!!!

You are a pleasure to have around, Don. You are very respectful, conscientious, careful and considerate. You have far exceeded my expectations and I am absolutely in love with your work. I am anxious to share your work with others, and just want you to know how pleased and happy you have made me."